The Strange Discordian Journey of the KLF

Above: The KLF’s The White Room movie

J.M.R. Higgs writes:

Drummond and Cauty claimed that their solicitor was sent…

…a contract with an organization or individual calling themselves ‘Eternity’. The wording of this contract was that of standard music business legal speak, but the terms discussed and the rights required and granted were of a far stranger kind.

“Whether The Contract was a very clever and intricate prank by a legal minded JAMS fan was of little concern to Drummond and Cauty,” Information Sheet 8 continues.…

For them it was as good a marker as anything as to what direction their free style career should take next.… In the first term of The Contract they, Drummond and Cauty, were required to make an artistic representation of themselves on a journey to a place called THE WHITE ROOM. The medium they chose to make this representation was up to them. Where or what THE WHITE ROOM was, was never clearly defined. Interpretation was left to their own creativity. The remuneration they are to receive on completion of this work of art was supposed to be access to THE “real” WHITE ROOM.

The pair claim that they went on to sign this contract, despite the advice of their solicitor to have nothing to do with it. It is worth noting at this juncture that Cauty and Drummond were ignorant of Operation Mindf**k. Their sole knowledge of Discordianism came from Illuminatus!, which Cauty had never read and which Drummond had not, at that time, ever finished. By signing any such contract they were not simply ‘playing along’, for they would have had no context for what the contract was, or where it had come from.

In this reading of events, Drummond and Cauty appear to have taken a Discordian Operation Mindf**k prank letter at face value, and spent hundreds of thousands of pounds making a piece of work that would fulfil their part of a hoax contract that they chose to sign.

As to what the ‘real’ White Room which the contract alluded to was, Drummond and Cauty were typically candid: “Your guess is as good as anybody’s.” In Discordian terms, however, the meaning is relatively clear. The White Room refers to illumination, or enlightenment. The word ‘room,’ however, is interesting. The use of a spatial metaphor defines enlightenment as a place that can be travelled to, or sought in a quest. The search for the White Room becomes a pilgrimage, with the White Room itself taking on the character of the Holy Grail. Drummond and Cauty’s film, when seen in this light, becomes a means to an end. The White Room was not intended as a film that would make money or enhance their careers. It was, instead, a step along the path in a search for enlightenment.

Full Story: The Daily Grail: The Strange Journey of the KLF

I bought Higgs’ e-book KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money but haven’t read it yet.

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The hidden roots of the 23 Enigma

Der Geist Meines Vaters

Robert Anton Wilson credited William S. Burroughs for noticing the 23 phenomena (and also noted James Joyce was fascinated with the date April 23), but it looks like he wasn’t the first to write about it. Fortean blogger Theo Paijmans has dug up some older historical mentions of the 23 Enigma. It looks like the oldest comes from German painter, poet and writer Maximilian Dauthendey. Dauthendey wrote in his book Der Geist Meines Vaters in 1912:

My burdensome fateful number that accompanies me throughout the entire life is the number 23. Twentythree years after the death of my mother my father died, and I can be certain, that always the twentythird of the month delivers some burdening message, a twist of fate, a rare case of luck or an extraordinary case of bad luck…

Paijmans has found some other old examples as well.

Charles Fort Institute: The hidden roots of the 23 Enigma

(via Boing Boing)

Intermittens: a Journal of Discordian Bullshit

intermittens journal of discordian bullshit

Presenting Intermittens. Intermittens is a periodical journal of Discordian diarrhea – an incontinent splattering of juicy ideas and corny jokes. Originally produced by the irreverant spags of the Peedy cabal, Intermittens is an expanding attempt to document some of the antics going on today in the Discordian Society. Every issue has a different editor. All content (unless otherwise marked) is from / for the public domain.

This project is an attempt to create an open-source Discordian magazine. We encourage anyone, even you, to haphazardly throw together an issue of what you think is cool. The project itself is a Golden Apple Seed Mission, or GASM, meaning we want your help! We need people who have writing, graphic, and layout skillz. We also need people with the balls to edit their own issue of Intermittens and join the elite Editor Cabal. Do you have what it takes? No, you don’t; none of us do. That’s why we’re making DIY magazines and not professional ones. And that’s why we need more cooks to foul the broth.

Intermittens is being published on a (roughly) monthly schedule. If you’re interested in helping out, check in at principiadiscordia.com/forum and martyr yourself for the cause. In any case, we hope you dig it. And by all means, share. Send the PDFs on to people you know, people you love, people you hate, hamsters, and other creatures.

My friend Telarus, KSC designed the first issue. Seems like a fun project.

Intermittens: a Journal of Discordian Bullshit


We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging activities for this brief Fight Club moment. Thank you.

The Eclipse, The Mars/Pluto Opposition and Aspects to the House of Bob

The question was asked, ‘Is there anything going on astrologically that can explain why people have been so bitchy lately? They seem to be acting crazier than usual. What the hell is going on?’ My general answer to this question would be that there are some people who are bitchy every day of their lives. And that there are some people who are just completely freakin’ nuts.

Astrologically, there are some intense things going on. We had a solar eclipse two weeks ago and we’ve got a lunar eclipse today. According to the blog Astrological Musings, ‘Lunar eclipses occur at the Full Moon when the Moon and the Sun are in opposition, and when the lunation conjuncts the lunar nodes. Because the lunar nodes signify the evolutionary journey of the soul, the astrological symbolism of an eclipse is very significant. These are times of reckoning; of course correction.’ (An eclipse of a planet signifies an eclipse of the energy it symbolizes.)

As for the Mars/Pluto opposition AM says this: ‘Mars is preparing for its third and final opposition to Pluto where it tends to foment rage and inspire explosions, and one might think the opposition has already happened. School shootings, mall shootings, shootings in the city council – people are clearly under stress. Although the opposition will not be exact until the new moon on March 7, we are clearly in its shadow now.’

As for aspects to the House of Bob: The 12th house is generally considered the House of Slack. The House of Chaos is the 13th. According to astrobobical expert Kaos829: ‘the 13th house is the house of the unknown. Spirit beyond our ken. The cumulative effect of the process of life delineated in the chart’. For all those who were wondering, I hope this clears things up. Just remember if things start to get intense, be sure and give people some slack.

(Thanks to Smoking Pigeon, Kaos829 and Astrological Musings!)

Cabaret Brainwash: New Discordia


Fed up with the same old Discordian jokes? So is Johnny Brainwash. Join him at his new web site, Cabaret Brainwash. Discordia: there’s more to it than just the Principia.

Discordian Society Acquires Limbo from Catholic Church

Follow up to a previous post for those of you who have friends still in limbo. The Discordian Society has stepped up to take over operations.

In a surprise move today, the Discordian Society, a small neo-religious group which worships the Ancient Greek Deity of Chaos called “Eris” (and known to the Ancient Romans as “Discordia”), have announced that they have acquired the non-corporeal realm known as “Limbo”.

Limbo, the theological concept previous belonging to the Christian Catholic Church, was abandoned by the Church last Friday.

Although the Discordian Society is anarchic in structure, a self-proclaimed spokesperson for the movement who identified himself only as “His Wholiness the Rev.DrJon” made the following statement:

“The Discordian Society, in line with previous acquisitions, welcomes the arrival of Limbo into the fold. We look forward to giving the place a clean sweep, a good polish and a nice redecoration. We’d like to thank fellow Pope* Benedict XVI for making this opportunity possible. We’d also like to offer the hand of friendship to those tenants of Limbo who chose to stay. We assure all who do wish to stay that they are welcome to continue to reside in the manner to which they are accustomed, however we will also be undertaking a rolling series of improvements over the coming eons, which should see a marked increase in liveability benchmarks.”

There is no word yet as to what purposes, if any, the Discordian Society plan to put Limbo to, however opinion is divided amongst the Discordian faithful.

(* Discordians believe that every man, woman and child is a Pope.)


esoZone tickets available – early bird discount, plus special bonus!

esozone 2007

Portland, OR. August 10-12, 2007.

Paul Laffoley. Foolish People. Viking Youth. Freeman. Many more.

esoZone tickets are now available! The sooner you buy your ticket, the less expensive it will be. So act now!

The web site has been updated with more information about the event.

As a special bonus for anyone who buys a weekend pass, we will include an exclusive reprint of the Akashic Record of the Astral Convention zine edited by Hakim Bey. In 1987 Hakim Bey invited several friends and allies to astrally project to Antarctica for a convention. Afterwords, visitors sent their accounts to Bey and he compiled them into this zine. This collection was originally sent only to the contributors and has never before been reprinted. It features lost works by:

Hakim Bey
Shirley MacLaine
James Koehnline
Ivan Stang
Feral Faun (aka Apio)
Reverand Crowbar (aka Susan Poe)
Trevor Blake

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The Dreadlock Recollections. The last journals of Kerry Thornley

ovo 17 dreadlock recollections kerry thornley

Published for the first time, the newest issue of OVO collects the last writings of Kerry Thornley (the author of the Principia Discordia, who later confessed to the assassination of John F. Kennedy).

OVO 17.

Hunger strike for food

One time, the Blessed Saint Durrutti was in a holding cell at the federal courthouse, waiting to be arraigned on charges of criminal treehuggery. The arraignment was scheduled for the morning, so he’d been brought over from the county jail bright and early. Early enough, in fact, that the county wouldn’t have to shell out a buck fifty to feed him breakfast.

Being a federal affair, of course, nothing happened on time. The morning wore on and became afternoon, with no breakfast and no lunch. Saint Durrutti was a hippie in those days, and suffered from chronic munchies. He took to harassing the US Marshal charged with his care, demanding to be fed.

“We’re not set up to feed you here,” the marshal always replied. “This is just a holding facility.”

This went on for some time, until Saint Durrutti ran out of patience. Finally, he sat down on the floor and declared:

“I’m on hunger strike.”

“What?” This brought the marshal to his feet. He came right up to the bars and said, “What do you mean, a hunger strike?”

“Just what I said,” the saint replied. “I won’t touch another bite of food until you bring me something to eat.”

“But you can’t go on hunger strike to be fed!” the marshal cried.

“Just watch me,” said Saint Durrutti. And he continued to starve himself for another twelve minutes, until the marshal got back from the store with a tuna sandwich, a bag of chips and a coke.

From: Cabaret Brainwash.

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