Former Technoccult guest editor pens a guest article at Brainsturbator:

High school is, along with prison, the military and VA hospitals, on the short list of the more disgustingly oppressive institutions of America. A brief glance at the architecture of learning facilities (and their resemblance to the aforementioned contemporary concentration camps) should make this abundantly clear to anyone with doubts and a brain. The people who have to occupy the structures are tertiary concerns after how to keep students inside and how to stuff as many bodies as possible into a given space. But most importantly, anyone who still thinks that this institution exists to educate the youth of America is almost laughably naive. While elite private institutions do a bang-up job of training the next ruling class public education is strictly for the masses. High school is little more than social regimentation. Learn your place, fall in line and shut up.

Thinking youth have always sought to undermine, subvert and ultimately destroy their institutions of ‘learning,’ but materials on how to do so are scant. Brainy kids generally fall into one of two categories; those who realize the impossible odds and decide to just skip class and get high and those who make futile and failed attempts at attacking the power structure, often causing themselves more trouble than their meager sense of retribution was ultimately worth. Fortunately, I have some experience in fighting the powers that be and have, in my infinite magnanimity decided to share a few trade secrets that I picked up back in the days that dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

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