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A few new ones from the Viking Youth

The Vikings have done a few new podcasts that I missed, check them out:

Blarney Me Kaisers!.

The Man From Another Place: David Lynch.

Inland Empire.

Cabin Fever.

And don’t forget, the Viking Youth will be recording an episode live at esoZone. There’s less than a week left to buy early bird tickets, so hurry!

David Lynch’s dark arts laid bare

david lynch photo

Film director David Lynch has appeared in Paris to launch the first major exhibition of his paintings and photographs.

Full Story: BBC.

(thanks Dad!)

Lynch goes from Twin Peaks to world peace

David Lynch is planning to build 3,000 Maharishi Yogi palaces across the globe, one in each major city. Apparently, he’s been meditating since 1974.

Lynch practises meditation every day and has also tried yogic flying, where devotees appear to hop off the ground in a state they describe as ‘bubbling bliss’. His inner tranquillity will come as a shock to his fans. Lynch’s reputation is founded on his films’ ability to shock with sex, violence and grotesquery.

The Guardian: Lynch goes from Twin Peaks to world peace

(via New World Disorder)

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