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Web comic: the rule of death

the rule of death

the rule of death

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Watchmen advertising contest

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Jack Kirby’s uncompleted Prisoner comic, art and info

jack kirby\'s prisoner

References to The Prisoner in comics are many, but to my knowledge only two licensed Prisoner comics have been attempted: one, a four-part sequel by Dean Motter and Mark Askwith, published by DC in 1988-89; the other, an unpublished adaptation from Marvel Comics, written and drawn by none other than Jack Kirby! This unfinished, seventeen-page story, what was to have been the first in a series, was created by Kirby and partially inked and lettered by Mike Royer in the Summer of 1976 (to be published in Nov. ’76, with a Feb. ’77 cover date). Since Marvel scrapped the project, this single episode is all that remains of Kirby’s plans for the series.

Full Story: TwoMorrows

Mike Allred’s Stardust

Remember me writing about the art of Fletcher Hanks? It’s been out since last November, but Trevor just pointed it out to me: Mike Allred drew a an all new Stardust the Wizard story for Fantastic Comics #24.

Sample images and interview at Newsarama

LSD history in Chick tract form

lsd history as chick tract like comic

Full Comic.

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The history of the comics crackdown

The New Yorker has a long article about the 1950s comic book crack down, including some interesting information about the man who started it all, Seduction of the Innocent author Fredric Wertham:

He did not want to censor comic books, only to restrict their sale so that kids could not buy them without a parent present. He wanted to give them the equivalent of an R rating. Bart Beaty’s ‘Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture’ ($22, paper; University Press of Mississippi) makes a strong case for the revisionist position. As Beaty points out, Wertham was not a philistine; he was a progressive intellectual. His Harlem clinic was named for Paul Lafargue, Marx’s son-in-law. He collected modern art, helped produce an anthology of modernist writers, and opposed censorship. He believed that people’s behavior was partly determined by their environment, in this respect dissenting from orthodox Freudianism, and some of his work, on the psychological effects of segregation on African-Americans, was used in the Supreme Court case of Brown v. Board of Education.

Wertham thought that representations make a difference-that how people see themselves and others reflected in the media affects the way they think and behave. As Beaty says, racist (particularly concerning Asians) and sexist images and remarks can be found on almost every page of crime and horror comics. What especially strikes a reader today is the fantastic proliferation of images of violence against women, almost always depicted in highly sexualized forms. If one believes that pervasive negative images of black people are harmful, why would one not believe the same thing about images of men beating, torturing, and killing women?

Full Story: New Yorker.

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First Look: Complete Watchmen Costumes Officially Revealed!

watchmen movie Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian

“As Zack Snyder states on the official blog – here we are, one year from the theatrical release of Watchmen on March 6th, 2009. To ease the pain of waiting another 12 months to finally see the film, Snyder has released complete costumed photos of five of the main characters: The Comedian, Nite Owl, Ozymandias, Rorschach, and Silk Spectre. These may be the most downright incredible photos I’ve seen in the last six months from any comic book movie. It’s time to begin the 12 month process of showing you how amazing Zack Snyder’s Watchmen is actually going to be!”

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Could Superman’s X-Ray Vision Really Exist?


“So how does Superman do it! He can see through buildings and clothing (he checks out Lois Lane’s underwear in Superman 1 – more on this later). Many have attempted to answer this question of the ages yet few have explored this in as much depth as J.B. Pittenger who published a study in the journal Perception back in the stone ages (1983) entitled “On the plausibility of superman’s x-ray vision”. But first, before we get into the meat of the paper, lets see what others around the InterWebs have said about Superman’s amazing seeing through underwear powers.”

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Vertigo titles re-imagined as Silver Age genre comics

sea guy

More: Mightygodking.com.

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New Warren Ellis online steampunk comic, Freak Angels

freak angels

The second chapter of Freak Angels is up, and if my memory serves that makes it the longest running Ellis online comic ever:

Freak Angels.

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