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Business 2.0: Burning Man grows up

Each Burning Man has a different theme, chosen by Harvey. This year’s theme is “The Green Man.” Burning Man, an extravaganza characterized by the consumption of huge quantities of fossil fuel, has discovered environmentalism. It is attempting to offset the 28,000 tons of carbon it estimates the event generates (counting all those flights and long drives for its far-flung attendees), and the organization is belatedly switching to biodiesel generators to provide most of the event’s electricity.

Most controversially, the organization wants to bring as many green-energy companies as possible into what Harvey calls a world’s fair of clean tech. Google (Charts, Fortune 500) is going to help produce an online 3-D search service called Burning Man Earth.

Full Story: Business 2.0.

For those seeking a small, free alternative, Autonomous Mutant Fest starts this weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to make it down there this year, but I believe Nick Pell and some other esoZone/Portland Occulture folks will be on hand.

Autonomous Mutant Fest

Autonomous Mutant Fest is, in a way, an attempt to re-create what Burning Man was in the beginning. Personally, what I find attractive about Burning Man is how big it’s gotten. They build an entire city out in the dessert- that’s pretty impressive. Of course, I’ve never been so maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be or maybe it really was cooler in the beginning. At any rate, I plan on attending both Burning Man and AMF next year so we’ll see.

Autonomous Mutant Festival

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