Editor’s note: sTaRe was a blog that ran from at least mid-2002 until at least late-2003. I was a guest editor there for about six months in 2003 before the site shut down. I posted a list of all the links I shared there below before the site went away.

Uncle Roy All Around You (site gone, check out the Wikipedia entry)



Landscape as Interface (cancelled Evergreen program)

Yukinori Yanagi

Tribe 13 (old homepage for the Tribe 13 gallery in Seattle)

Kris Kuksi (old homepage of artist Kris Kuksi

Memo to Barbie: You Aren’t The Only Model Ken Knows

Knock it off with the trucker hats already

Reefer gladness: Drug users in the next office and atop the corporate ladder

I Can Believe It’s Not Real Absinthe!

Bleeding Edge of 1983

New kid’s theme park simulates real-life

Geonotes (virtual graffiti)

1,000 Journals

The Dullest Blog in the World

droplift project