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Lots of talk lately about You Tube, and about television advertising. There’s something I find interesting about the whole “everyone wthing digital copies of TV shows just skips all the ads” thing. True, most people will skip all a show’s ads if given a chance. But many people are happy to just watch commercials. Funny commercials have always been popular on, online or off. People forward video clips of funny commercials by e-mail, and funny commercials have always ranked high on sites like Stupid Videos. I haven’t spent enough time with You Tube yet to know if ads are popular there, but I suspect they are. Which leads me to speculate:

People do not like to have their shows interrupted by ads, but people are quite willing to watch ads separately if they are engaging. But in order to get seen, the ads have to propagate through some sort of social filtering system. Before you’ll watch an ad, someone you trust has to point to it for you, or it’s got to be ranked high on a site like You Tube or Stupid Videos. To use Malcom Gladwell’s vocabulary, they are social contagions.

There are those odd-balls out there, ad mavens in Gladwellian, who prefer to skip the shows and just watch the commercials. So savvy TV advertisers should be targeting the ad maven, and thinking of TV sponsorship as a way not to directly reach millions of people, but as a way to reach the right trendsetters to get the ad circulated around the Internet.

Dept? On sale for a limited time only!

Conversation on marketing on Key 23, LVX23 sez:

MTV revolutionized advertising, almost as much as the psychedelic visions and mass psychology research of the 60’s. Product placement, demographic lifestyle branding, cross-media adverts, and generally psychedelicized hypermedia. There are numerous techniques employing color, pattern, cadence, and sound to created a receptive state in the passive viewer so they receive the sales pitch and make the intended limbic associations. The hindbrain is the realm of animal urge and the target for adverts. Get past the cortical logic filters and tap into the medulla. The animal will do what you wish.

Guerilla marketing of bikes

An older one by Billy Blaze I’ve been meaning to link to for months now:

For a second I was about to get mad. I could actually feel the emotion begin to take off inside. Some fool had just stickered my bike! Grr…. Hold up wait. Something in my emotional process got cut off. I read the sticker. “TrackstarNYC”. An all track bike store. News. Information. Delivered straight to my bicycle. Even more efficient then the internet!

Corporate Branding In The New Age

Lecture on “humanism” in the of future marketing and advertising.

Very interesting read. Reminds me of the Savage Girl by Alex Shakar, which I strongly recommend. Especially to anyone interested in marketing and its role in society.

via LVX23

Brain Imaging applied to Political Advertising

As I noted last week, commercial applications of brain imaging open up whole new vistas of manipulation via visual cortex…

Using M.R.I.’s to See Politics on the Brain:

“This research can show how a candidate is unfairly targeting the weaknesses and foibles of voters, and that can be empowering,” said Professor Montague, director of the Human Neuroimaging Laboratory at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Of course, political consultants could also use this technology to create more manipulative commercials, though Mr. Freedman and Mr. Knapp say they do not hope for partisan advantage from their research.

“We just want to start exploring this new frontier,” Mr. Knapp said….

Mad Science Meets Marketing

Canadian Spiced Whisky has been placing ads in urinals that show up when people piss on them. People dig ’em so much that they’ve been known to steal the nets from urinals.

The ads actually appear as black patches on urinal nets until guys start doing their, uh, thing, at which point special heat sensitive ink transforms into zany branded massages like “Man who pee on electric fence receive shocking news” and “Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.” Once the ink cools the text goes back to black. […]

The concept has, in fact, been so successful that guys are actually stealing the nets from the urinals, Phillips reports. “That’s actually a sign of success, if you ask me – The truest indicator of success.”

(link via Plastic)

All our resources are belong to you

Picked up another interesting bit from Plastic yesterday: there’s an “ad-busting” site called All Your Brand Are Belong to US. Their mission is to “pre-emptively hijack strong memes for heightened media existence.”

Update: Looks like this site is gone, but this site was inspired by it.

Update 2: The second site is now gone, but I found both it and the original in archive.org and updated the links.

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