Douglas Rushkoff
Photo by Johannes Kroemer
Douglas Rushkoff is a writer, lecturer, media theorist and sometimes musician. He rose to prominence with his first book, Cyberia, a collection of his journalistic coverage of the early days of cyberculture. He has since written several books – including fiction, non-fiction and comic books – critical of the ways large companies use media to manipulate individuals and the state of business culture in general. He has also performed with Genesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV as a keyboardist.
Although Rushkoff started off optimistic about the role the Internet and network culture as tools for liberation, he has since come to view these technologies as new systems of control. His most recent book, Program or Be Programmed, is a call to arms for individual to become more tech and media savvy.
His latest book Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now was published March 21, 2013.
He’s now a professor of media studies at CUNY/Queens College.

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Above: Rushkoff at Webvisions 2011

Above: Rushkoff on why branding doesn’t work at Pivot 2010 (the video player is a little weird, his is the second to last talk on Day 3) My notes here.

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