Above: Watchmen envisioned as a Saturday morning cartoon
Alan Moore's letter to Fortean Times
Above: a letter Alan Moore sent to Fortean Times in 1995
The Onion: Barack Obama Names Alan Moore Official White House Biographer (satire)
PZ Myers on Alan Moore and Magic
Al Columbia Finally Reveals What Happened to the Big Numbers # 4 Artwork
Moore’s mentor Steven Moore (no relation) has a novel out called Somnium (the writing of Somnium is chronicled in Alan Moore’s spoken word biography of Steven Moore titled Unearthing). An interview with Steve Moore about the project is here.
Was Alan Moore on LOST?
Marvel comics has bought the rights to Marvelman/Miracleman
Alan Moore: the Manga Schoolgirl Years
Alan Moore on the Simpsons – screen caps and summary
Warren Ellis laments two of Alan Moore’s lost works
Funny comic about Alan Moore
The Real Watchmen – Watchmen was originally proposed as a series called “Who Killed the Peacemaker?” and was to feature the Charleton Comics characters DC had recently acquired. This site speculates as to what Watchmen would have looked like in the event those characters had been used. (The Charlton characters were integrated into the regular DC universe instead)
Side by side comparisons of the Watchmen characters and their Charlton counterparts
Comic Book Resources on Watchmen’s origins Confirms that before even the “Who Killed the Peacemaker?” proposal, Moore was plotting to use Archie characters instead of Charlton characters. There are some Archie analogs in Watchmen: Hangedman/Hooded Justice and Fly/Mothman. (DC eventually bought the Archie superheros and made them into their Impact! line of comics)
Salon’s review of From Hell
The Fate of Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis speculates that Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis were not really dead.
Is Ozymandias from Watchmen based on David Bowie?
Watchmen: an Oral History Includes quotes from Lost creator Damon Lindelof
Something awful remixes Watchmen
Satire: “Upcoming exploitative Alan Moore items”
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and LOST More speculation.
The first Technoccult dossier on Moore. Painfully badly written vintage Technoccult.
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