Cyberculture History: Early, Influential Online Community The WELL in Danger

First Minitel, now this:

The WELL is a virtual online community with user-generated content that was so influential, it was once featured on the cover of Wired magazine, and a top 80’s UK pop star created an account, to promote his brand there. (Sound familiar?) As you might have read last week, corporate owner laid off the WELL staff and is now looking for a buyer. Now the WELL’s last users (it still has over 2,000 subscribers) are making a last-minute bid to buy the WELL from Salon: A thread called “Would you kick in $1,000 for The Well?” (subscriber account required), has already garnered over 120 members pledging $1000 (some less, many more, with at least one pledge of $10,000), for an estimated total of over $120,000. That’s a lot of money, especially coming from so few people, but it may not be enough. Many have pointed out that the domain name is probably quite attractive to organizations willing to pay a lot to own it. (For example, an HMO who wants turn into a wellness resource.) So at the moment, it’s still unclear what this user-driven campaign will do, though I hope the WELL can survive in some form.

New World Notes: Will The WELL Survive? Members Pledge $100K+ to Buy Influential Virtual Community from Corporate Owners
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  1. Regarding the domain name:
    Reminds me of the betrayal all of us at Realms of Despair felt when Derek Snider sold the “” domain name. And what a waste too, looks like it’s currently being squatted and serving no purpose. That’s capitalism for you.

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