Gavin Aung Than illustrates quotes from historical figures as comics. For example, here’s Hunter S. Thompson’s “Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride”:

The most popular are:

  • 12. CARL SAGAN: Make the most of this life
  • 17. FRANK HERBERT: Litany against fear
  • 40. CALVIN COOLIDGE: Never give up
  • 33. EDGAR MITCHELL: A global consciousness
  • 13: The DALAI LAMA answers a question
  • 36. BRUCE LEE: There are no limits
  • 41. AYN RAND: The question
  • But don’t forget the Bill Hicks one.

    It may seem that these skew towards touchy feel good inspiration and affirmation, but there are some darker ones, like George Carlin on assassination.

    I love how certain characters recur in the strips.

    Some of the navigation is confusing, but you can head straight to the archives to find all the strips.

    (via Metafilter)