Here are some of the workshops and activities you can look forward to on November 19th:

Occupy the Astral Plane. And opening ritual lead by Danny Chaoflux at 1:15 PM on November 19.

Yoga for Slackers at 2:00 PM on November 19. Bring comfortable clothes for this!

Grant Writing for Artists and Other Alien Beings with Amanda Sledz at 3:30 PM on November 19. Those inclined towards crafting projects, or cultivating careers conventionally described as “strange” might not consider grants when looking for some means to fund their creations. Why not? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to locate grant makers with an interest in the mind eruptions of the chronically odd, and the fundamentals of grant writing, including creation of competitive proposals and budgets. Though primarily directed at artists and writers, all are welcome, including those operating (or interested in operating) 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.

Anarcho-Sewing: Making Clothes Without a Sewing Machine with Jillian Ordes-Finley at 4:15 PM on November 19. In this workshop, you will learn basic techniques on how to fix, alter, and make simple clothing without a sewing machine. Don’t throw away that shirt with a missing button, those pants with a rip, or that jacket with an ugly stain- learn how to fix it, maybe make it even more awesome! People of all genders are encouraged to participate, and all materials will be provided.

You can expect even more workshops, discussions and activities to be planned the day of the event. Bring your own ideas to the event and reserve a time slot!

Expect a schedule to be posted soon.