Alan Moore Interview on His Next Novel, Jerusalem

Alan Moore

The New Statesmen recently interviewed Alan Moore on the subject of his next novel Jerusalem. The article says it will be about next year, though the novel hasn’t been completed yet. Also, Moore may have a hard time getting it published since it’s 750,000 words – much longer than both A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth and Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.

Moore also talks about his theory of time – that we exist in a four dimensional system where consciousness moves backwards and forwards in time but everything else remains still. Much like his fellow comic writer Grant Morrison’s theory, or the theory put forward in LOST and by many occultists such Paul Laffoley and Michael Bertiaux.

Moore also believes that when we die, our consciousness has nowhere to go but back to the beginning. So we live our lives over, and over again. It’s an idea called eternal recurrence, originally put forward in Vedic religions, particularly Jainism, and later by Nietzsche. Point being, you should live a life you’d be willing to live over and over again.

New Statesmen: Alan Moore: “I’ve disproved the existence of death”

Here’s Moore reading from Jerusalem.

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  1. as a Brazilian big fan to Moore, for almost 20plus years already, I do agree with him; but, our counsciousness can “perfect” itself, and when we do become a “true self”, we can “escape” frm this “Samsara” (eternal recurrence, or Budist whell-of-life; Mr Moore had studed (?)(sorry my bad English) Gurdjieff┬┤s work, and I am sure “he knows this”…btw the book by Anthony Pike, “Is There Life After the Death?” is also very “ellucidative” on this concern…

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