10 Best Hard Sci-Fi Novels of All Time

The Shockwave Rider

MIT’s Technology Review published its list of all time greatest hard sci-fi novels:

  1. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
  2. The Time Machine
  3. I, Robot
  4. The Shockwave Rider
  5. The Fountains of Paradise
  6. Cyteen
  7. The Mars Trilogy
  8. The Diamond Age
  9. Rainbows End
  10. Incandescence

Technology Review: The Best Hard Science Fiction Books of all Time

(via The Daily Grail)

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  1. Read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea in an annotation by William Butcher if you’re going to read it at all in English. The 1976 edition published by Crowell is the best non-screen version.

    Seconds on The Mars Trilogy and The Diamond Age.

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