The Masked Monkeys of Indonesia

masked monkey

masked monkeys

Ed Wray was terrified the first time he encountered a masked monkey. Having lived and worked in Jakarta as a freelance photographer for years, he was accustomed to seeing the animals, cruelly leashed by chains, jumping through hoops or riding trikes on the sidewalks. But for Wray, the mask was a terrifying twist.

“When I first saw a monkey with a rubber baby doll’s head stuck over its head as a mask, it immediately struck me as horrifying and beyond weird.” Wray said. “Something about the combination of the doll head – which I think is scary looking to begin with – and a long tail just struck a chord in me.”

Time: The Masked Monkeys of Indonesia

(Thanks Bill!)

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  1. Very upsetting ! Our lord gave the authority to govern the earth not to destroy it! To make of our enviroment a Paradise not a damm Hell! You must be heartless to accept it! There is not right for something like this. I still want to believe in CIVILIZATION not BARBARISM! IT is our inmediate obligation to fight these practices that degrade our souls.

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