Top 9 Vegetarian Geniuses


It’s a bad idea to fetishize intelligence, or to think that vegetarianism is going to make you a genius, but I found this list of famous vegetarian geniuses interesting:

    1. Sir Isaac Newton
    2. Leonardo Da Vinci
    3. Srinivasa Ramanujan
    4. Nikola Tesla
    5. Thomas Edison
    6. Albert Einstein
    7. Edward Witten
    8. Brian Greene
    9. Alan Calverd

Elephant Journal: The World’s Greatest Geniuses are Vegetarians!

See also: Vegetarianism all the rage in MMA

And, because it’s bound to come up, here’s the Wikipedia entry on Hitler’s vegetarianism. Some question whether he was really a strict vegetarian, despite contemporaneous accounts.


  1. Brian greene a Genius? Oh. Dear Me!

  2. No women? Tut. Please hand in your hippy license at the door.

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