5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years from IBM

My editor at RWW writes:

IBM Labs says the hologram will be a part of our lives in the next five years. You will be able to beam 3D images to people who can then talk with you as they walk down the street. It will be as if you are walking with them. 3D cameras will get more sophisticated and eventually small enough to launch holograms with a mobile device.

The other four predictions include:

    The emergence of “citizen scientists” who collect data from sensors in our cars or any physical device that will be added to massive data sets.
    Batteries that are powered by static energy or even the air we breathe.
    The heat from data centers may help power cities.
    Your commute will be personalized. Adaptive traffic systems will intuitively learn behavior.

ReadWriteWeb: IBM’s 5 on 5: Holograms Will Come to Life Just Like in Star Wars

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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the technology for the adaptive traffic systems is ready to go in five years, but I’ll be amazed if a significant number of road agencies are capable of implementing it. And that says nothing of the regulatory environment.

    Always the catch with futurism- you don’t just need to predict technologies, you also need to predict the social context.

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