Announcing The Invisible Community College – a Study Group on The Invisibles

Our Sentence is Up

The Invisible Community College is a study group dedicated to Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles moderated by Popjellyfish, Trevor Blake and me. Weekly reading assignments will be sent to a mailing list for one year beginning January 23, 2011. If you would like to participate, you must sign-up for the mailing list before then.

There will be monthly public, in-person discussions in Portland, OR based on the reading. Those in other cities are encouraged to organize their own study cells.

Registration is Now Closed

‘The Invisibles’ by Grant Morrison.
‘Our Sentence is Up’ by Patrick Meane
‘Anarchy For The Masses’ by Patrick Neighly
‘Grant Morrison’ by Patrick Meaney

The Invisibles
Available as individual issues, in digital form for the iPad, collected trade paperbacks and in an incomplete form in German-language trade paperbacks. Individual issues out of print, include letters to and from GM not collected in trade paperbacks. Trade paperbacks in print, include art not found in individual issues.

Individual monthly issues published by DC Comics 1994 – 2000:
Volume 1 Issues 1-25: September 1994 – October 1996
Volume 2 Issues 1-22: February 1997 – February 1999
Volume 3 Issues 12-1: April 1999 – June 2000

Individual Digital Issues
Available through DC Comics app for the iPad

Trade Paperbacks (English):
1. Say You Want a Revolution. (ISBN 1-5638-9267-7)
2. Apocalipstick. (ISBN 1-5638-9702-4)
3. Entropy in the UK. (ISBN 1-5638-9728-8)
4. Bloody Hell in America. (ISBN 1-5638-9444-0)
5. Counting to None. (ISBN 1-56389-489-0)
6. Kissing Mister Quimper. (ISBN 1-5638-9600-1)
7. The Invisible Kingdom. (ISBN 1-4012-0019-2)

Trade Paperbacks (German, incomplete):
Invisibles Monstereditionen 1: Revolution Gefallig?
Invisibles Monstereditionen 2: Ordnung & Entropie

Patrick Meaney: Our Sentence is Up / Seeing Grant Morrison’s The
Invisibles. Book. (ISBN 978-0578032337)
Patrick Neighly and Kereth Cowe-Spigai: Anarchy For The Masses / The
Disinformation Guide To The Invisibles. Book. (ISBN 0-971-39422-9)
Patrick Meaney (director): Grant Morrison / Talking with Gods. DVD.


  1. So, an in-person thread?

  2. hah. no.

    anyways, signed up, cant wait.

    I have an idea for a huge project for this that I think you guys will really like.

  3. If anyone in the NYC metro area is participating, I’m trying to organize group meetings on Sunday evenings at a yet to be determined spot, likely some purveyor of spirits, woo. E-mail licensefarm AT Yahoo DOT com to get on-board.

  4. Just joined this and saw the above post. I’m in NYC.

  5. Any Vancouverites participating?

  6. Incidentally, I’ve just regained most of my IRL collection.

    Will definitely hold a study group here in the Emerald City. I’m freaking excited!

  7. I still wear my blank button on my backpack. Maybe I should start a group based around The Filth.

  8. Came to this too late, but really want to sign up for this. Please let me know. I only found about it this morning. In brooklyn.

  9. I just found out about this too – I’ve been offline for several weeks due to moving house and have only just got on. I’m in Australia – if it’s not too late for latecomers I’d love to know.

  10. in Tempe, AZ area and looking for someone willing to let me read from their copies of Anarchy For The Masses, and Our Sentence Is Up until i am able to get my own copies. (which will happen soon) if a discussion group formed it could be cool. blurabbit 147 at yahoo dot com. reading The Invisibles has always heralded/kicked off some period of change. interested to see what an organized study will bring.

  11. Tao Sabella Hansen

    January 29, 2011 at 6:25 am

    Is any of Patrick’s stuff available in digital format? I can’t find any of his books at my local comic book stores.

  12. Tao – not that I know of. You might want to try here:

  13. hey,
    Lazlo Panaflex live and direct from Hamilton, ON,
    Canaduh, eh. lookin to chat. got all the trades, don’t have the other textbooks. might have to play catch up after i track down the dollar$ to order the ‘Our Sentence is Up’, ‘Anarchy For The Masses’,
    ‘Grant Morrison’ by Patrick Meaney.

  14. Just browsing and located your site – thanks for sharing.

  15. Any reports on how this has gone? I only just found this a month ago and I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bummed that I missed it!!! Would love it if any forums or digital discussions or presentations were made available to the public.

    Any chance of a second semester?

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