Preview of the documentary, Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods.

Wired interviews Patrick Meaney, director of the forthcoming Grant Morrison documentary recently previewed at ComicCon. What did you learn about Morrison while doing this film that you were unaware of before you started it?

One of the most interesting things I found out from talking to him was how autobiographical Flex Mentallo is. I always liked Flex, but I never realized how much it drew from his own life. And after hearing him talk about his childhood and growing up, it makes a lot more sense and has a lot of added resonance. What was he most excited to talk about?

Meaney: He was excited to talk about pretty much anything we asked, but I think he was most interested in discussing the philosophical aspects of his work, and the way that his work in the past decade or so has been an extension of the philosophical and magical approach to storytelling he began with The Invisibles.

Most interviews with Morrison today focus a lot on how works like Batman or Final Crisis connect to larger trends in comics or the DC Universe. But they’re also very tied to his view of the universe, and the way that both he and our society experienced a depression in the ’00s. I think that you’ll walk away from the documentary with a new context for understanding all the work he did in the ’00s, and an ability to see how it connects to the events in his life.

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