Klint blogging at ReadWriteWeb, things may slow down here


If you follow me on Twitter you already know that I’ve joined the ReadWriteWeb team as a writer for the ReadWriteEnterprise channel, where I’ll be covering business technology trends. My first post there is: Massive iPhone Security Issue Could Endanger Enterprise Adoption.

Between my commitments at RWW and my full-time job, I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to commit to Technoccult and Mediapunk in the near future. I’ll certainly still be updating Technoccult, and adding new dossiers, but expect things to slow down considerably. Mediapunk will slow down even more. Hatch 23 is winding down now that LOST is over anyway.

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  1. What a pity..just now that i was thinking to ask you if you could be interested in sharing on Technoccult my releasing EP album trilogy.

    If you will find time, i’d be proud in being between Seward, Breyer and smart bacteria.

    I’ll wait for news by Klintron.



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