Coca Colla: the new ‘real thing’ in Bolivia

Coca Colla drink Bolivia

A certain US soft drinks giant may disagree, but Bolivia has come up with a fizzy beverage it says is the real thing: Coca Colla.

The drink, made from the coca leaf and named after the indigenous Colla people from Bolivia’s highlands, went on sale this week across the South American country.

It is black, sweet and comes in a bottle with a red label – but similarities to Coca-Cola end there. One is a symbol of US-led globalisation and corporate might; the other could be considered a socialist-tinged affront to western imperialism.

Guardian: Coca Colla: the new ‘real thing’ in Bolivia

(Thanks Paul)


  1. NecroPsyChroNauTron

    April 28, 2010 at 12:23 am

    Aside from the main notable ingredient, I wonder how it stacks up as a cola.
    I imagine if it used natural/herbal ingredients (like most notably Redbull cola, and many other harder to find ‘natural’ colas” it’s probably pretty good.
    Also, funny that “Coca Cola” has it’s name, no coca, yet this does, and has to use somewhat of a knock-off moniker.
    I say they should swap brands 😀
    Coca Cola really is almost drug like to me, it’s obvious (and amazing) that such a large company produces such vast amounts of this beverage and takes little apparent pride in the craftsmanship of said beverage. It’s designed to be produced cheaply and consumed in quantity, not tantalize the palate and refresh the mind like any crafted beverage should.
    Otherwise, why not just drink water?

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