Jonathan Ott's victim of arson, signed copies of Albert Hofmann books used to start fire

Jonathan Ott
I’m not familiar with Jonathan Ott’s work, but this is galling:

[My] home was completely burned, destroying everything that was most important: laboratory, hydroelectric system, custom-built and -designed electric motorcycle and, for the crowning touch, [the arsonist] tried to burn [my] library, one of the best private collections on ethnomedicine that exist[s]. Signed, personal copies of some of Albert Hofmann’s books were even used as fuel to ignite expensive laboratory equipment! While the humidity of the cloud-forest saved the books, the house was rendered uninhabitable and without power; the laboratory unusable.
It is the attempted book-burning which most outrages me and, I think, will outrage others.

The Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics has started a Jonathan Ott Fund.
(Via Cole Tucker)

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