Interview with me about Psychetect at the G-Spot

Psychetect release party

(Above: Me playing at the Psychetect album release party)

Psychetect interview on the G-Spot

A couple notes:

1. I announce during the interview the upcoming City of Dead Toys EP, a collaboration between Skerror and me.

2. I’ll be opening for The Steven Losambras at The Parlour in PDX on April 30th.


  1. Just listened to the album yesterday and loved it! My head was left with a rather pleasant buzzing/humming sensation during several of the tracks 🙂 Will it be available to order in a CD format or as download only?

  2. Thanks very much! I’m glad you liked it. You can buy it on CD – so far I was selling CDs at the release party, but ran out of the cover inserts. Once I get some more printed, I’ll be selling physical copies online (I was printing them out on my inkjet, but they EAT black toner cartridges like crazy, so I’m gonna have them printed somewhere).

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