Nicholas  Horton

*Geometry on Acid: The category of Topological spaces and continuous maps.
* Tom has a silly putty reason for everything.
* The continuity of film.
* Did Xeno predict calculus?
* Ms. PacMan also loves donuts.

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Above: Math for Primates co-host Nicholas Horton, who I have previously misidentified as a “professional weightlifter.” Nick says:

Oh, and while I’m deeply flattered, I’m not a “professional” weightlifter. I’m a competitive weightlifter and a weightlifting coach (that is, I coach other competitive weightlifters and athletes).

Sadly there is no money to be made in American weightlifting, so no matter how good you get (I’m not) you’ll always remain broke. Sure there’s a nice sense of continuity there. But, as such, none of us are allowed to use the prefix “professional” in any technical sense since no one is paying us.