Build your own nightmare: Psychetect “Nightmare Kit” sample pack

nightmare kit

Nightmare Kit

Build your own nightmare! The Nightmare Kit sample pack include nearly all the samples used to create both Nightmare Lab and Return to the Wasteland. You can use it to create your own tracks under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus license.

(Image swiped from Kook Science Resistance – who knows where they got it from)

Update: You can also download it from the Psychetect web site if you don’t want to/can’t register with Freesound.


  1. It’s a promo photo for The Time Tunnel (1966-1967). You know, like the one you guys built at Montauk.

  2. Old people like me knew exactly where that image was from, right away.

  3. I’m too young to have been at Montauk.

  4. I had forgotten all about that show (The Time Tunnel). Seeing the pic instantly flooded my mind with a rush of wonderful childhod memories.

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