City Dwellers Drive Deforestation in 21st Century


Globally, roughly 13 million hectares of forest fall to the blade or fire each year. Such deforestation has long been driven by farmers eking out a slash-and-burn living or loggers using new roads to cut inroads into pristine forest. But now new data appears to show that, at least for the first five years of the 21st century, big block clearings that reflect industrial deforestation have come to dominate, rather than smaller-scale efforts that leave behind long, narrow swaths of cleared land.

Scientific American: City Dwellers Drive Deforestation in 21st Century

(via Chris Arkenberg)


  1. Well most people don’t relize that even though were cutting down hundreads of trees each day, were planting almost as much. Even though it may not be planted in the right places it is still being planted somewhere.

  2. If we don’t stop this soon, we’ll end up exactly the same as Easter Island.

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