I challenge you to write an accurate history of Karl Dane, a 20th century Danish man.

This person spoke a different language than you, and never wrote anything down, and lived in a different country to you.

you are writing about him some 70 years after his death.

you cannot use the internet.

you cannot use the library.

you cannot use any book, since no other book has ever been written about him.

you cannot use the telephone.

you might be able to write some letters, but the reliability of them and time taken for delivery is highly suspect, plus knowing where the people live you need to speak to are is also a problem.

Debunking Christianity: On How to Write a Gospel Account

(Thanks Paul and Bill)

I particularly like the first comment:

The gospels were written by the eyewitnesses and their contemporaries.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John did not live in the United States. Instead, they lived in the world where the apostles were preaching about the risen Christ.

The post implies that distance is a problem to be overcome; however, distance was not an issue for the writters of the gospels so the argument is invalid.