Predictions for 2010 from 2000

# “Ninety percent of all consumer goods will be home-delivered.” — trend forecaster Faith Popcorn

# Biomonitoring devices that look like wristwatches will continually update you on your blood chemistry, while microchips implanted in your forearm will interact with the heating and lighting systems of the buildings you enter. — World Future Society

# Animal-to-human transplants will be routine, as scientists will learn how to prevent human immune systems from rejecting the animal organs. — Dr. Jim Raymond, associate dean at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine

# A “skycar” that can take off and land like a helicopter will hit the market — San Antonio Express-News

## “By the end of the decade, Americans will be fed up with substituting virtual life for real life. A backlash against facelessness will prompt a resurgence of person-to-person interactions.” — The Daily Herald

Chicago Tribune: Cracked, cloudy or clear? The crystal ball report

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  1. Where’s my flying car?

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