Miracleman/MarvelMan is going to be release by, ironically Marvel Comics. I wrote about the complicated IP mess of MM here (so I need not rewrite it here). The “irony” is “Marvel” legally sued to prevent Alan Moore’s “Marvelman” from being released in the United States because of trademark issues. The result? It was released as “Miracleman” and Moore has never worked for Marvel Comics since (given his godlike status as a comic book author, their BIG loss). Moore sees the comedic irony in Marvel Comics publishing the book and he has no problem with it. Moore won’t take a penny of profits from the reprint, will not let his name be associated with it, and is happy that the bulk of the royalties is going to Marvelman’s original British creator, now in his 90s with a sickly wife.

Positive Liberty: Kimota: The Holy Grail of Comics is Coming

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Update: the link above is dead, but here’s the announcement from ComicCon. Also, there will be a Marvelman primer in June