The Sun Gets Its Spots (Back)

Get ready for chaos:

Two sunspots are visible on our star’s face for the first time in more than a year, possibly ending an unexpected lull in solar activity.

Solar flares rise and fall on an 11-year cycle, so scientists thought sunspot activity would pick up some time in 2008. It didn’t. And this year has been quiet, too. No sunspots have been visible on the sun for 80 percent of the days this year.

Sunspot activity is correlated with the total amount of energy we receive from the sun. If the sun’s activity were to change remarkably, it would have an influence on global climate. So, in the context of climate change, the fact that the current solar minimum has been the longest and deepest in more than a century has been of special interest.

Wired Science: The Sun Gets Its Spots (Back)

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  1. There is a bad word in this song, and the singer forgets to not say that bad word at one point. But it’s such a nice song and it’s about the sun. Please forgive me.

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