Extinct animal cloned

THE Pyrenean ibex, a form of wild mountain goat, was officially declared extinct in 2000 when the last known animal of its kind was found dead in northern Spain.

Shortly before its death, scientists preserved skin samples of the goat — a subspecies of the Spanish ibex that live in mountain ranges across the country — in liquid nitrogen.

Using DNA taken from these skin samples, the scientists were able to replace the genetic material in eggs from domestic goats, to clone a female Pyrenean ibex, or bucardo as they are known. It is the first time an extinct animal has been cloned.

The Age: Extinct animal cloned, resurrected

(via Atom Jack)


  1. Yeah, that sounds cool, but everyone will be singing a different tune when the cloned velocigoats break through the electric fences!!

    Actually, it is very cool. I think the trans-Canada highway would be much more scenic with the occassional wooly mammoth. This is a good start.

  2. From link: “The newborn ibex kid died shortly after birth due to physical defects in its lungs.” Progress, but no Jurassic Park yet. And no regrown limbs for amputees yet, nor spinal cord damage repair, which are the kind of things I’m looking forward to. Then comes the dinosaurs and dragons.

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  6. Admittedly, this is a long way from practical. Really, though, I don’t want to clone my own organs for transplant, I just want to be able to regrow my own. Someday, Carter’s Little Liver Pills will actually grow you a new liver. (CAUTION: May cause runaway cell growth resulting in assimilation of bystanders.)

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