10 Workplace Skills of the Future

This is worth reading, despite the author’s creating lots of new buzz words for established skills. Here they are, in older terms:

Ping Quotient – Responsiveness and Confidence – “Good Networker.”

Longbroading – Big Picture Thinking

Open Authorship – Cooperation, Collaboration. “Team Player.”

Cooperation Radar – A common leadership trait.

Multi-Capitalism – OK, I still have no idea what this means.

Mobbability – See “Open Authorship” above.

Protovation – Risk Tolerance.

Influency – Communication skills.

Signal/Noise Management – I guess this is as good a term as any for this.

Emergensight – Adaptable, Resourceful.

10 Workplace Skills of the Future

Before you get too wound-up thinking about the above list, don’t forget the mainstays: leadership, creativity, attention to detail, intelligence, work ethic, efficiency, self-promotion, etc.

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  1. sassybritches

    May 11, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    I find it fascinating when people make their own lexicon. Guess that’s why I love Heidegger so much. Anyway, it seems to me like the article is trying to prepare those of us in our mid to late 20s to prepare for the future built by a nation people raised on a constant barrage of media and an ADD driven workforce. It is interesting but the article would have been more accessible if it hadn’t been written in twitter like format. Apparently the author thinks being succinct is more important than elaborating on ideas. Perhaps this IS the future, buzz words with no explanation. I realize most people I know have these skills, but most of us are capable of explaining ourselves as well. I hope the result of all the media we are surrounded by does not make us forget to be through in the future.

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