Thoughts on last night’s episode (316) – Gnosticism crops up again

In the church, Ben talks about the Biblical disciple Thomas. What he doesn’t mention is that a principal gospel of Gnostic Christianity is the Gospel of Thomas.

The “Locke as Jesus” theme is obvious, and the reference to Jack as Thomas shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Most extensive article on LOST and Gnosticism that I know of.

Theory: the Others are Cathars (Wikipedia entry on Catharism)

Previous coverage of LOST and Gnosticism on Hatch 23

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  1. The thing that I really noticed about Ben’s little sermon to Jack about Thomas, was how he specifically brought up how Thomas previously had spoken up to protect Jesus which just happens to be in the chapter that is about Lazarus being brought back from the dead (Jn.11). Was Ben also giving Jack a hint that he’d better be prepared to met some peope that he thought were dead when he gets back to the island? Alas, the fact that Jack didn’t even know the common story about doubting Thomas doesn’t leave much hope that Jack would get that kind of hint. 🙂

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