Man who carries 1300 items in his clothes at all times

crazy eric's blouson schott

crazy eric's blouson schott

Awesome and amazing.

I don’t know if I have an “obsessive compulsive disorder”, as I’ve read somewhere, but I know that when I do something, I try to do it as best as possible (I don’t like to make things “half”).

I wear all this each time I go outside my home (unless I go to the swimming pool or to the beach of course, or unless I go out only 3 mn to drop a letter in the post box down the street (boring ancient times snail mail !)).

There are many things useful for travelling, I use to travel a lot, sometimes I leave for 3 or 4 days, without knowing where I will go ; I like adventure (but with prepareness it’s more fun ! I like adventure and discovery, not struggling all day against problems (I’ve seen too many tourists with painful stories, nothing in head)).

I live in a big city in France and my job has nothing to do with my special clothing, although I use quite often my things at my job (instead of wasting “hours” searching for things there, never placed where they should be) ; I learnt electricity at school, which explains that it is natural for me to use some tools like a digital multimeter, soldering iron, and so on…

My job allows me 4 days of weekend, which explains why I can easily make some small adventure escapades.

More pics and a list of what he carries at Crazy Eric’s homepage

(via OVO)


  1. The average person in the West is able to live the life of a comic book character or a spy. For this we give thanks.

  2. “you never know” to the extreme! only thing missing a portable defibrillator and the wonderful new portable espresso maker!

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