Real life DHARMA Initiative # 1: SRI (Stanford Research Institute)

dharma initiative

SRI International (previously known as Stanford Research Institute) is the clearest influence on the DHARMA Initiative (though DARPA is closer in name. Incidentally, SRI has been known to work for DARPA). SRI is a non-profit research institute working in a broad range of fields including, according to Wikipedia: “communications and networks, computing, economic development and science and technology policy, education, energy and the environment, engineering systems, pharmaceuticals and health sciences, homeland security and national defense, materials and structures, and robotics.”

changing images of man

Things got weird for SRI during the 60s and 70s, when it was engaged in parapsychology and LSD research. They hired L. Ron Hubbard, tested Uri Geller’s claims, and experimented with remote viewing.

They also compiled a report called The Changing Images of Man, contracted and funded by The Charles F. Kettering Foundation (the real life equivalent of Alvar Hanso?).

Full Story: Hatch 23


  1. The Sloan Kettering foundation was founded by Charles Kettering, a former car industry exec.

    It’s most notable achievement was approving tetraethyl lead’s introduction into gasoline (for more horsepower).

    The amount of lead spewed out into America’s air, rivers and ground until it was banned in the 70s is an testament to Sloan Kettering’s achievements.

  2. Yeah, SRI already was a sci-fi mystery, for sure…who could possibly believe they’d have a character named “Lambert Dolphin”??

  3. Wish to participate in experiments. Will work as subject for good pay.

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