Adolf Hitler Cambell, Sisters Taken from Parents’ Home

Harris said they had come to investigate a complaint related to the Campbell’s three children – Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell.

In the end, the agency chose to remove the children from their parents’ care, but they assured Harris it was not because of the children’s names.

“They assured me that removing the children had nothing to do with their names or the birthday cake incident. There were other factors that we were not privy to,” Harris told NBC10’s Doug Shimell Wednesday.

The sergeant said based on his personal experiences with Heath Campbell he could not think what the circumstances would be.

“Just from knowing Mr. Campbell from the past ten or so years, I’ve never known him to abuse his children and when he has talked about his children he has been very much into his kids. Very loving,” Harris said.

Full Story: MSNBC


  1. Is there something strangely ironic about Adolf Hitler being dragged out of his home and put in confinement because of puritanical ideology.

    And isn’t the power of “confidentially” amazing?

    “Due to confidentiality laws, Kate Bernyk with the N.J. Division of Youth and Family Services would not comment ”

    Of course, some will point out that he has a “right” to a different name. As does a non-Christian who was given a Christian name at birth. It’s a name: Get ove’.

    In the end, I think I’d rather wear “adolf” than “Social Worker”. Check out (not my site) sometime for more of these kinds of horror stories.

  2. Astounding that DYFS can take away kids without giving any reason to the family or public. They can just barge into your house and take your family members away without any reasoning.

    More power than the police get.

  3. I do think they have to tell the family, but not necessarily the public. And it’s a good thing they don’t have to tell the public, because if the parents are found to be in the clear and get their kids back “DFS took their kids for unknown reasons and then gave them back” sounds a lot better than “They were accused of raping their kids” (or whatever).

  4. From the same article: “Harris said they had come to investigate a complaint related to the Campbell’s three children” and “It is unclear why the children were removed from their parent’s home. Gilson said his department did not receive any reports of abuse or negligence.”

    Harris and Gilson both are working for Holland Township Police. There both was and wasn’t a complaint. Sloppy reporting? Conflicting stories? ‘Let’s take the kids and make something up to justify it later?’ Could be any one of these.

  5. Trevor – I’m not sure but I think this is probably a case of sloppy writing. Reading carefully, it seems that what the article says is that the police department did not receive complaints, but DYFS did.

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