Regarding the Esozone trademark

Update: A Public Apology to Danny Chaoflux for my out-of-line comments here and following.

For the record:

I put off saying anything until I’d talked to the current Esozone staff, and determined where things stand legally.

Danny does not and never has owned the Esozone trademark. I do. I was financially and legally responsible for Esozone from the beginning. To be honest I’m a bit sick of people who think they have a claim to ownership over the project because they spent a lot of time talking about it on the Internet.

I’m in the process of transferring the ownership of the trademark to the current Esozone staff, and it will be up to them if the want to make “Esozone” an open brand. It’s not really my place to make that decision at this point, it’s up to the people who did the actual work to make the event happen (as opposed to just talking about it) and who are now responsible for making it happen again.

As many people know, I embrace free culture, going so far as to open all my creative works to the public domain. But it’s a bit trickier when it comes to identity.

It’s much easier for someone like Danny, who has no responsibility for what happens with the name “Esozone” to say that anyone can use it. It’s hard for me to begrudge the people who will actually have to deal with fallout of fraudulent use of the name for wanting to have some say in how it’s used. If someone holds an event and calls it “Esozone” pre-sells a bunch of tickets, and skips town the money, Danny and I aren’t the ones who are going to deal with it. If some Gary Spivey type puts on some cornball psychic scam event and calls it Esozone, we aren’t the ones who get slimed by the association. The guys who are putting labor and money into Esozone are the ones effected by it.

In short: do not listen to what Danny Chaoflux tells you about Esozone. He has no moral or legal authority regarding it. What he does with his own designs – the logo (which was stolen from the Alien screenplay anyway), the ouija board, etc. are his own prerogative. But the only people with the authority to make decisions about the use of the name Esozone are the organizers of Esozone.


  1. Danny Chaoflux is a bad person.

  2. Ratatosk, Squirrel of Discord

    January 9, 2009 at 9:12 pm


  3. Ratatosk, Squirrel of Discord

    January 9, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    I wonder what she’d say,
    if she happened by today,
    and saw us in our rituals of life?
    Would she think we’re doing well,
    in our own chaotic hell,
    or would she decide to add a little strife?

    There’s Erisians on the net,
    who are trying, you can bet,
    to spread those words of chaos writ by Mal.
    But Discordians, you know,
    might aim an extra blow,
    at their brothers and their sisters of the Chao.

    I have seen the common spat,
    regarding this and that,
    and who and what and where and why and how.
    And in the orgy of the fray,
    we oft forget our way,
    and might spill our bitter tea upon our towel.

    So I wonder what she’d say,
    if she happened through this way,
    and stopped to see the madness we had wrought.
    I think she’d laugh the most,
    and head back home to boast,
    about the way in which her Children fought.

  4. :]

    Thanks for that!

    Also, for the record, Klintron and I are still friends, and this is more funny that fury.

    AND: I was the first one to expose where I got the secondary Esozone logo from, so don’t take it as a shocker people. Google images “Starbeast alien screenplay” and you’ll probably find the source image. I was under pressure to come up with a ‘space pyramid’ design which would be agreed upon, and honestly Slack led the way on that one.

    ANNNND: pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft! I own your face, give it back.

  5. Funny for you, maybe, since you don’t have anything riding on the outcome.

    You can keep living your life as a pathetic histrionic cartoon character trying to sabotage Esozone because you don’t like Vin, or you can grow up and get on with your life.

    But face the facts: Vin did more than you ever did to make Esozone a reality and not just another one of your vapor-ware projects. You got your 15 minutes of fame riding our coat tails. Now get on with your life.

  6. I don’t see why you have to take it there. If I don’t matter so much, why are you so threatened?

    And, I do have something riding on it.

    I’m sorry my smallest antics are more interesting than your life will ever be.

    Also, why is it only now when we can get some decent editorial work from you on Technoccult?

    You can try to hurt my feelings Klint, but it wont work, and you just make me feel better about myself in the end.

    I still respect you, just wont agree with you.

  7. Why doesn’t my cell phone work as a wireless mouse? I reached for it five times during the course of this read, thinking it was my usb mouse…but come to think of it, designing a cellphone that doubles as a wireless universal mouse should be pretty straightforward.

  8. But what if you needed to use your mouse while you’re on your cell phone? Hey, wait, you’re hijacking our drama!

  9. @Danny – I’m not trying to hurt your feelings, just being brutally honest with you.

    “If I don’t matter so much, why are you so threatened?”

    I’m just worried enough people take you seriously that I wanted to set the record straight.

  10. Well you are wrong, and you need to learn how to communicate better, Mr. Blog Editor.

    Odds are that everyone will ignore me, and people wont do anything at all because they are even lazier than I am.

    I’ve never been brutally honest with you, I’ve held my tongue, and I will continue to. I don’t like the way it makes my face look to say those words. You probably wouldn’t take me seriously anyhow. I’d also be nice about it and frame it in a way which would be more beneficial to you as a friend, but hey, you suck and I don’t, I can’t hold it against you forever.

  11. I think that people talking to each other like this is basically what made planning Esozone unfun for everyone, but what the hell do I know…

  12. enough? thx.


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