New “reality hacking” magazine seeking submissions

‘Project Bluebird: Fucking with Reality’, is a quarterly-release periodical commencing production in 2009. Project Bluebird concentrates primarily on the topics of Reality Hacking, Bio-Psionics, Neo-tantra and Modern Mysticism. Each issue of Project Bluebird features a full-color cover, with internal black and white artwork and text.

Submissions of Writing and Art are now being accepted for the first issue of Project Bluebird. Please submit all content using the Submissions Form. For more information about Project Bluebird, please contact us. Writing should be articles, narrative, poetic, or blends thereof. Other content may be accepted depending on the quality and type of submission.

Editorial Staff: Kara Rae Garland, Lillian Grace, Samm Hain, and Edward E. Wilson.

Availability: Coming 2009.
Pricing: TBA.

Project Bluebird


  1. Why name it after the single most fucked up chapter of MK Ultra history, though?

  2. Would you believe it was a really fucked up coincidence?

  3. @Edward E. Wilson

    Is that what they told you?

  4. They tell me a lot of things.

  5. But I mean…how did you hit upon Bluebird in the absence of knowing what Bluebird was? You really just randomly chose that?

  6. A series of synchronous events and in jokes that were going on while I was at esozone lead to the Bluebird portion of the title. I personally associated it with the Bluebird of Happiness.

    Then because I was adding Project to the beginning of everything at the time as part of my over all working which was called Project S/ION… it got tagged Project Bluebird.

    The name stuck and the project went forward.

    Now the weird thing is, I know all about Project Bluebird. I just… didn’t remember it. at all. for over a month. Then someone pointed it out. and well… that was a weird moment for me.

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