The Six Nations of 2010

In what sounds to be very obviously an act of wishful projection, a former KGB intelligence analyst turned public intellectual named Igor Panarin has explained to the Wall Street Journal that the United States only has about 18 months left to live. In the summer of 2010, it will “disintegrate” into six politically separate realms – and, conveniently for a thinker who clearly leans to the right, the borders of these realms will coincide with a new racial segregation. The fantasy of living amidst people who don’t look like you will come to an end.

Best of all, from Panarin’s perspective, Alaska – Sarah Palin included, looking out with alarm from her office window – will “revert” to Russian control.

Full Story: BLDG Blog


  1. Not unlike Jesusland.

    Via the ever-delightful Strange Maps blog, a map showing the influence of the Late Cretaceous Period on the election of Barack Obama.

    I was in the first generation that learned about plate tectonics in public education: prior to that, it was straight-up kook talk. I was alive when there was a Soviet Union. I was born in a part of the United States that seceded. Very strange re-configurations of nations can indeed occur. Very strange and uncomfortable influences can contribute to those re-configurations.

  2. I’ve been toying with the notion that Jesusland will be forcibly ejected from the United States, rather than secede, as the financial burden of propping up these economic wastelands becomes overwhelming for the rest of the country.

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