Excellent visual guides to the bailout, the financial crisis, etc.

visual guide to the financial crisis: the bailout

My new favorite web app mint.com and Wall Stats have created an excellent series of visualizations of the economic crisis.

(Thanks Chris 23)


  1. If religious bodies were held to the same standards as secular non-profits (demonstrate that your provide a service that relieves the burden of the state) then a few billion dollars would pop up overnight. Because most religious bodies perform no social service, and definitely nothing that the US government could or should offer.

    I favor the decriminalization of ‘drugs.’ But if they were instead legalized and taxed, that’s another few billion that would pop up overnight.

    I’ve got about $9 on me, if that would help.

    But nobody’s asking me.

  2. It’s a quite difficult decision for any politician choosing between more bailout packages or letting the free market economic principles take care of the failed businesses, whether it is the financial institutions or automakers. The main focus should be defending the interests of middle-class Americans and creating a stable economic system that will guarantee long-term stability and sustainability. But here we also can face more challenges, since right now the Washington politicians are talking about the second large bailout package. If we bailout financial institutions and other industries again, when are they going to ask for the third bailout package? Or fourth? Maybe this is a time to let free market economy work rather than keep bailing out large, failed corporations? After all, it is the small and medium size businesses that create vast majority of middle-class jobs in America, not the large corporations. Maybe the government is better off to replace banks in lending practices and directly give loan packages with low interest rates to small and medium size businesses? That might work better and have a direct, immediate impact on economy and the middle-class America…

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