Those who remember Sheffield United in the top half of the old Division One or Clockwork Orange the first time round will know the name, maybe experienced the sound or even have fallen under the spell of revolutionary post punks Cabaret Voltaire.

Kora! Kora! Kora! is not the new album by Cabaret Voltaire but a cut-up and clubbed-to-pieces collage of key cuts from the platinum-selling debut album by the Maori dub phenomenon called Kora. You’ll have to wait a bit for proper new ground-shaking Cabaret Voltaire stuff. Richard H Kirk, the Cabaret Voltaire originator and mainstay has resurrected the name. Hallelujah!

Shiva Records is humbled to be able to exclusively announce that the seminal, electronic, art-rock experience from Sheffield known as Cabaret Voltaire is poised to inflict audio-visual carnage across designated areas of the world and its solar system once again.

There will be no pop records. No comeback rock gigs. No steel city tours. In fact… there will be no pop, just art.

All Disinformation is currently classified. But it appears that the UK population will need to head towards the London and Edinburgh regions next spring to catch the fireworks. Europe will see some bright lights in the fall but you country folks out in the US and Japan may have to wait until 2010 before the fan truly hits the shit.

The first physical sign of the return of the Audio Visual Avatar can be witnessed by all in January 2009 when Shiva Records release the first new work by Cabaret Voltaire since 1993, an incredible re-working of key tracks from the debut album by Kora, Shiva’s awesome Platinum- selling, chart topping Kiwis… it’s like Bob Marley & The Wailers meets… well, Cabaret Voltaire.

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