New transhumanist web magazine edited by R.U. Sirius


R.U. Sirius, the editor of the seminal Mondo 2000 and about a billion other things is back with a new project: H+, a transhumanist web magazine. The first issue include Aubrey de Grey, Charlie Stross, Cory Doctorow, Warren Ellis, and much more.


(via Dose Nation)

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  1. Thank god RU got rid of that f yu street-urchin-on-acid haircut. He’s finally arrived at the benevolent Danish software engineer look. Which means he’ll be able to keep living in Marin because as a benevolent former Danish software engineer turned “transhumanist” (whatever that means) he’ll eventually be able to pull a six figure income ransacking other sites for new meme meat. Go Kenny G. !

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