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I’ll be updating this all day until it’s monday…and monday will surely bring a flood of digital content.? Meanwhile, if you’d like to get something thrown up here, get in touch.

Ben Mack and Diabolus Rex

Ben Mack and Rex Church…or: “Marketing and Satanism: Two Great Tastes That Belong Together.” I was especially interested in the presentations from these two fine gentlemen.? Rex was presenting the details of his Ragnarok Engine, which is apparently a “black radionics” device . Ben Mack was much more subdued: he’s just going to be summoning an elephant in the middle of the Lounge area and killing a woman named Liz Boswell in front of everyone there.

Speaking of marketing, has everyone seen these glowing endorsements from the media? Great stuff!

‘This is Burning Man for people who don’t like crowds – or light.’ – The Portland Tribune

‘A three-day summit in Portland that will mark an unprecedented concentration of self-importance and pseudo-intellectualism.’ – Willamette Week

Chris Titan using Ikipr\'s EEG MIDI Interface at EsoZone

Chris Titan testing out Ikipr’s f’ing awesome EEG MIDI Interface. Apparently this photo was taken in the tunnels under Disneyland, but Wes Unruh insisted this was actual EsoZone footage and I trust him. We’ve covered Ikipr’s strange device before: read it here. Technoccult readers would also be interested in a similar technology being used to pull off — no joke — telepathic DJ sets.

Badass Motherfucker


  1. Kirby Urner photo documentation…

  2. Have you ever read Behold Metatron, the recording angel (’85, semiotexte) by Sol Yurik ? Wow ! Same guy who penned The Warriors, the early 80’s film about inner-city tribe-gang conflicts (later morphed into computer game..) , stolen from a much older story (Greek or Roman origin, I believe) about returning Warriors pillaging and going nuts in general upon their return and ultimately getting driven into the sea. Thought you’d also enjoy this guy dissing Howard Bloom as racist in The Lucifer Principle. Here:

  3. Ha…I didn’t realize t’was the b’stabator that told him to read The Lucifer Principle. That’s you ! Sorry ’bout that ! Maybe it would still be worth jawing it out with him. Here’s some grounded, methodical types reviewing Adam Weishaupts real intent, etc..

  4. Hot damn. Sometime I wish I weren’t 2.10^4 kms away.

  5. Those media endorsements were from last year. Here’s another story from this year:

    Thanks a lot for covering this, Justin! I’m a bit too fried to start sifting through all the media.

  6. there’s a fair amount of video surfacing on the tubes from the workshop

  7. i had a great time at esozone and i would love to perform music for people to dance to, thats the only thing i really noticed missing.
    im attending next year. who do i get in touch with!

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