One after the other, the models strutted across the stage to bouncy ’80s dance tunes, all showing off designs of the same article of clothing-adult diapers. Japan has one of the world’s most rapidly aging societies, and the fashion show Thursday proved the country’s diaper producers are intent on keeping the elderly clean and dry.

“Diapers are something that people don’t want to look at,” said Kiyoko Hamada of the Aging Lifestyle Research Center, a leading organizer of the show. “But if you make them attractive, then people can learn about them more easily,” she said. Indeed, adult diapers are an increasingly common item in Japan, home to one of the world’s longest average lifespans. More than 20 percent of the population is over 65, and the country is forecast to have the globe’s largest number of centenarians-1 million-by 2050, the U.N. says.”

(via Breitbart. Thanks CP!)