Anyone know where I can find Goetic glyphs?

I’m looking for vector format equivalents of the Goetic seals, or any demonic names for that matter. If anyone knows where or whom I might contact to get a hold of such files, please drop me a line!

Totally appreciate it! Love,



  1. why won’t you just convert them?

  2. Hi Val and thx for the suggestion. I was hoping someone had done them already, as I am quite busy as it is. I could trace them out, there’s a few options to use. But I’d rather maintain a crispness and the proper geometry only available from creating them from scratch.

    I might have to put some time aside this winter to do them up.


  3. you could use vextractor or a similar program to auto-trace your vectors off them, quick and easy process

  4. Thanks again, but they must be recreated from scratch. Vector tracing leaves unwanted artefacts. 🙂

  5. V, thanks! I will try em out right now!

  6. V, those are great for now! Thanks for the help!

  7. Let me know if you are after more. There’s a lot of that sor of thing in the 250,000 image ArtExplosion clip-art set.

  8. Thx, Bill. So far the TrueType ones will work until I get around to recreating them. How do the ones in the clip art collection look? Are they actually the Goetic ones?


    i used vextractor on the goetia magick circle and triangle as well as the hexagram, pentagram and ring of solomon.

    didn’t turn out half bad

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