Turkey bans biologist Richard Dawkins’ website

Turkish internet users have been blocked via a court order from accessing the site of prominent British biologist Richard Dawkins after complaints from lawyers for Islamic creationist author Adnan Oktar, the website of Turkish television station NTV reported on Wednesday.

A court in Istanbul ordered that Turk Telekom block access to the site and since the weekend Turkish internet users seeking the site have been redirected to a page that says in Turkish ‘access to this site has been suspended in accordance with a court decision’.

Full Story: Monsters and Critics

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  1. Dawkins is a religious fanatic with a god named Darwin.

  2. To ban anything …. creates the opposite effect to what they want,

    If it was banned to publish something like that the World was Round instead of Flat ………..

    It makes no difference …… it is still round ……

    The truth ……… is the only thing that matters …..

  3. Dawkins is an atheist Dane you numbskull.

  4. No wonder God didn’t want Adam & Eve eating from the tree knowledge, they would have realized it’s all fairy tale and ridculousness.

    Censorship and forced ignorance are the only ways religion will continue to strangle humanity.

  5. Oops I thought his name was Dane, it’s Shane. Shane you can’t try to pass of atheism as a religion, and Darwin didn’t start atheism. Take some college courses instead of reading the bible and thinking its truth. That goes for all of you religious fanatics that think it should be their way or the highway.

  6. Adnan Oktar is a fake religious man who earns extreme money from arrogant people in Turkiye. Moreover he is totally opposite modern Turkiye and Ataturk Revolutions.

    You can call current government same as him. But they are not playing their cards so open as Adnan. It’s a shame that a sciencetific getting banned.

    Sad news moreover i hate to see my country’s name on such bad news. But it’s true. Sad.

  7. Shane (Troll)
    Religious zealot? Darwin as a god? LOL!!
    The typical method for these destructive religious organizations to protect their own existence and dominance is to suppress anything they think may not agree with their fairy tale and control of the uneducated. Witness the witch trials, the inquisition, book burnings and internet censoring.
    If you can’t debate the merits of information, destroy it!
    Here’s a dollar – get a clue!

  8. Everyone posting replies thus far sounds like bickering children hellbent on attacking each other. Settle down, please.

  9. With the exception of Nurettin_Tan, that is.

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