Technoccult TV: Psychotronics with Bill Whitcomb

Bill Whitcomb – author of The Magician’s Reflection (soon to be re-released and expanded by Immanion Press), The Magician’s Companion, and the forthcoming Selections from the Dream Manual – gives us a lesson in the theory and practice of psychotronics.
Bill’s recommended reading:
Rays From the Capstone, Christopher Hills
Secrets of the Life Force, Christopher Hills
Supersensonics, Christopher Hills
Psionics 101, Charles W. Cosimano
Amazing and Wonderful Mind Machines You Can Build, G. Harry Stine
Chuck Cosimano’s website
Rex Research
Borderland Research
Information Unlimited
Reflections on the Ether and some Notes on the Convergence between Homoeopathy and Radionics

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  1. A very informative video, but the sound does need a bit of work as he is hard to understand at times. Still, it is good to hear someone say what I have been saying for decades now.
    Uncle Chuckie

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