The Hidden Flaw in AI Research

“Imitation of nature is bad engineering,” he answered patiently. “For centuries inventors tried to fly by emulating birds, and they killed themselves uselessly. If you want to make something that flies, flapping your wings is not the way to do it. You bolt a 400-horsepower engine to a barn door, that’s how you fly. You can look at birds forever and never discover this secret. You see, Mother Nature has never developed the Boeing 707. Why not? Because Nature didn’t need anything that would fly that fast and that high. How would such an animal feed itself?”

“What does that have to do with artificial intelligence?”

“Simply that it tries to approximate man. If you take man’s brain as a model and test of intelligence, you’re making the same mistake as the old inventors flapping their wings. You don’t realize that Mother Nature has never needed an intelligent animal and accordingly, she has never bothered to develop one!”

Full Story: Skilluminati

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  1. “You bolt a 400-horsepower engine to a barn door, that?s how you fly.”

    Most excellent.

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