Free Documentary Site: Snag Films

This is for all you documentary addicts out there:

“At, you can watch full-length documentary films for free, but we also make it easy for you to take our films with you and put them anywhere on the web. When you embed a widget on your web site, you open a virtual movie theater and become a ‘Filmanthropist.’ Donate your pixels and support independent film! And click on ‘info’ on any widget to learn more about that film and a related charity you can also support.

With a library of 225 documentaries, and rapidly growing – browse by topic or go through the alphabet from A-Z – you’re bound to find films that resonate with your interests. There is a widget for EVERY film, so any film you like can be snagged. [..] Enjoy your visit, snag a film, and keep checking back because we’re adding great news titles daily.”

( h/t: The Daily Galaxy)


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