Lawsuit Against County and Sheriff Pat Hedges Claims Pot Shop Closure After Raid Violates Constitutional Rights

“An Atascadero woman has sued the county and Sheriff Pat Hedges, claiming a raid last year that led to the closure of a Morro Bay marijuana dispensary violated her constitutional right to medicinal cannabis. The case filed June 20 by Elaine McKellips, 56, illustrates an ongoing legal battle between conflicting state and federal laws surrounding medical marijuana use. In her lawsuit, McKellips alleges that Hedges: ?violated the state constitutional right of her and others to medical marijuana;

? illegally raided the Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers marijuana dispensary on March 29 using a federal search warrant instead of a state search warrant; ? violated confidentiality laws by seizing medical records; and ? inflicted emotional distress on her and other patients when denying them access to medical marijuana.

McKellips is asking for an unlimited amount in compensation and an investigation by the county to determine if the sheriff spent taxpayer dollars appropriately during the probe of the dispensary and whether the sheriff violated his duty to uphold state laws, according to the complaint.”

(via San Luis h/t: The Drug Law Blog)


  1. Good, fuck Hedges.

  2. Here’s hoping that if the sheriff has an ELECTED position, voters will correct their mistake and remove a local official who sides with the feds against local residents.

    If he is appointed, then here’s hoping the elected officials that are over him, will remove him from office for operating outside his jurisdiction.

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